[Educational Codeforces Round 41] E Tufurama

[Codeforces Round #496 (Div. 3)] E2 Median on Segments (General Case Edition)

[Codeforces Round #466 (Div. 2)][Codeforces 940F] Machine Learning

[Codeforces Round #467 (Div. 1)][Codeforces 936C] Lock Puzzle

[ICM Technex 2018 and Codeforces Round #463][Codeforces 932E] Team Work

[2016-2017 ACM-ICPC CHINA-Final][GYM 101194 H] Great Cells

[2016-2017 ACM-ICPC CHINA-Final][GYM 101194 E] Bet

[Codeforces Round #248][Codeforces 434D] Nanami's Power Plant

[Testing Round #13][Codeforces 753C] Interactive Bulls and Cows (Hard)

[Educational Codeforces Round 6][Codeforces 620C]Pearls in a Row